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Categories: Gentoo Linux

Programming using my LAN step one PhpMyAdmin

I have several Gentoo Linux machines set up for various purposes - and I've decided to get them all up to speed for programming / version control / backup. Stage one: install various apps like PhpMyAdmin for direct database access.

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Categories: Gentoo Linux, Zabbix Monitoring

Zabbix + ssh tunnel with AutoSSH

I've spent a fair amount of time setting up a Zabbix system monitoring system to monitor the functioning of the LAN computers - Gentoo and Windows. Other than Zabbix 1.1.7 being a little tedious to set up, including the various add-on scanners I've configured, its fairly easy.

However, monitoring computers outside the LAN has been tricky, as I want to do it securely. Zabbix sends its info (at least in this version) through clear text, and I'd like to have in encrypted.

After several attempts at configuring AutoSSH (over several months :roll: ) I made some progress - first this article had some handy steps for testing:

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Categories: Gentoo Linux, MythTV

MythTV sound effect for pressing Remote button

Another pointer I found at this site:

is about how to add sounds to MythTV remote buttons being pushed - kinda handy.

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Categories: Gentoo Linux, MythTV

some more MythTV improvements

I came across this blog article

about setting the proper dpi (dots per inch) for the MythTV screens. He points to this article:

which has a fairly complete outline of how to make this change happen.

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Categories: Gentoo Linux, Hardware, LAN Websites

kitchen webcam part 2

Second part - have kitchen webcam send regular pictures

Found this great blog with instructions ... looks like since I want to use SSH (scp really) to copy the images around, that I'll have to set up SSH passkeys for the webcam user.

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