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Ventrilo version 3(.03) on Gentoo (2009 temporary)

I love Gentoo, but sometimes getting the more recent software to work can require some work ...

In this case, I was trying to install Ventrilo on the gaming LAN here. It was working fine on a Windows box, but as that machine isn't always on, and I like to have standard server stuff running on the Gentoo Linux server(s), I decided to set this up on one of those on the LAN.

In Gentoo, getting and installing software is usually like this:

# qsearch ventrilo
media-sound/ventrilo-server-bin The Ventrilo Voice Communication Server

# emerge -av media-sound/ventrilo-server-bin [emerge downloads and compiles the app]
# etc-update [if needed, this merges config file changes into the current configuration]
# nano /etc/ventrilo/{config_files} [set up whatever default application config files there are]
# /etc/init.d/ventrilo start [then start the server program]

[if everything looks fine, add the server program to the default runlevel, so it loads automatically upon reboot]

# rc-update add ventrilo default

Unfortunately, after doing this, the Ventrilo server started fine, but clients could not connect. I eventually discovered that this is due to the current Gentoo Ventrilo install is still at version 2, and the Windows clients we had already installed and had working were for version 3.

Looking on Gentoo Bugzilla, I found this entry:

Which had an update ebuild for Ventrilo version 3, which had not yet made its way into the main portage tree, where all the current Gentoo packages are. So, I grabbed those files listed in the bug:

# cd (return to home directory)
# mkdir ventrilo (create a directory for the source files)
# cd ventrilo
# wget
# mv attachment.cgi\?id\=139774 ventrilo-server-bin-3.0.2.ebuild
# wget
# mv attachment.cgi\?id\=139776 conf.d.ventrilo
# wget
# mv attachment.cgi\?id\=139778 init.d.ventrilo

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QuickList: Kernel Upgrade for Gentoo

QuickList: Kernel Upgrade for Gentoo

# uname -a
Linux mythtv 2.6.23-gentoo #2 PREEMPT Tue Oct 23 12:57:42 PDT 2007 i686 Intel(R) Celeron(TM) CPU 1300MHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

# eselect kernel list

# eselect kernel set 4

# cd /usr/src/linux

[copy over your previous .config file from the previous kernel compile ]

# cp /usr/src/linux-2.6.23-gentoo-r2/.config

# make oldconfig && make prepare

[ answer all questions using default ]

# lspci

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

# make menuconfig

[ answer all questions using known hardware values from lspci and cpuinfo ]

# make

# make modules_install

# mount /boot

# cp arch/i386/boot/bzimage /boot/kernel-2.6.25-r8-2008-09-19

(these next two are optional - .config stores the options used to create the kernel, and stores the hardware info (?) )

# cp .config /boot/config-2008-09-19

# cp /boot/system-2008-09-19

# nano /boot/grub/grub.conf

[add in an entry near the top pointing to the new kernel file, using a previous entry]

# reboot

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