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MythAlarm part 3


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MythAlarm part 3

Ok, so after getting the MythAlarm stuff all working I tested it - and not much happened. After looking through the code I can see why - there's not much code there to do anything. Really - as in (almost) nothing - I'm not sure what the original poster thought would happen but to test your code it needs to do something.

So, this got me thinking.

An Alarm should really be built off of a clock. Hmmm no result for MythClock. Sounds like an easy and useful plugin to get started. Maybe even add Alarm and Calendar functionality after. I did find MythCalendar:


but the downloads page is empty of downloads, and I'd say this person hasn't done any work on this since the initial concept. Too bad as it's a great idea and would be useful to have the code as an initial starting spot.

- so first would be to get a plugin working that just displays the current time and then exits
- next, a running digital clock.
- then add an analog style clock with hands on the screen, and a config screen to set between the analog/digital clock output

- after that, think about alarm and calendar

- alarm should have ability to play standard buzzing sound, play mp3, radio, and/or video as an alarm. possibility for multiple alarms and recurring alarm states - should have snooze button - master snooze turn off for that so people that hate snooze buttons don't have the chance to hit it - should have "egg timer" ability to easily set short alarms (mythtimer :-)

- calendar should eventually have ability to sync up with web calendars/desktop calendars - should have ability to show recording date/time - should be able to show tv schedules

Anyway, I looked at this,


and this:


and set up the code, and got my MythHelloWorld plugin working.

Then, I created a "MythHelloMenu" to test out how to use the Myth menuing system with multiple options. Seems pretty straight forward.

Then I downloaded the QT3 source for BinClock from:


since MythTV uses QT3 I figured having a common base to start might help - plus since this is a different way of displaying time its an interesting place to start.

First step - integrate some of this clock code into the HelloMenu code ...

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