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Categories: MythTV


I was looking recently for an Alarm for my MythTV box, but there doesn't seem to be one. I did find some code on a recent posting here:

Downloaded - and had to massage it to use local QT3 instead of the QT4 that's also installed on my Gentoo MythTV box. Would be nice if MythTV could move forward to QT4. Anyway, once it finally compiled right, I found this article:

on building MythTV plugins, and used this as a guide on where to add in the MythAlarm information.

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Categories: Graphics, 3D

Google Sketchup

This program is handy for creating 3D models of buildings and such on your computer - however it was the ability to add custom photos onto the side of objects, or to use a building of a photo to help create the 3D model, that I was most impressed with.

some "How To" videos here:


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Categories: Galaxies

Home Astronomy - Identifying Galaxies

Identifying Galaxies
Identifying Galaxies

Your job is very simple! All you need to do is look out for the features that mark out spiral and elliptical galaxies. In fact, as you're a human and not a computer, most galaxies should be easy to classify since they're obviously spirals or obviously ellipticals. On this page, you will practice classifying galaxies. On the next page, you will take a short trial to test your skills. If you don’t pass the trial, you can try again. Once you pass the trial, you can start contributing to Galaxy Zoo science!

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Categories: Gentoo Linux, Hardware, LAN Websites

kitchen webcam part 2

Second part - have kitchen webcam send regular pictures

Found this great blog with instructions ... looks like since I want to use SSH (scp really) to copy the images around, that I'll have to set up SSH passkeys for the webcam user.

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Categories: Gentoo Linux

kitchen webcam

Managed to set up the new firewall computer to work with the Kensington USB Webcam using the se401 kernel module. New comp had a different USB type than the previous Intel motherboard, so new kernel time! (didn't realize that until an hour into debugging why webcam no longer output pictures :-/

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