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steps for webcam + send pics setup for my LAN

steps for webcam + send pics setup for my LAN

- idetify webcam

- install kernle driver + v4l stuff

- get webcam capture script into place + create webcam user account

- get cron into place


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GNU Mailman using a Apache vhost in Gentoo

Like most web apps, Mailman pretty much assumes that you want to install in a subdirectory of the main (and only) site. The file it installs into /etc/apache/modules.d/50_mailman.conf has the 'Location' tag specify - where I usually prefer - here's how I made this simple switch.


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Zabbix and monitoring Apache - Gentoo mod_status using -D STATUS

In my continuing quest to monitor everything via Zabbix, I wanted the Apache status information available from the mod_status module. I had already added the needed lines into my Zabbix conf file, but the results were not getting returned properly.

Here's what the Apache2 mod_status documentation is:

I wanted this info to come from a sub-domain - and I wanted is to be very restricted, by IP address, so it would not be available to the world.

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b2evolution blacklisted

Today was interesting - I fixed a b2evolution blog on another server. It seems that someone in my Shaw Home account IP Address range had been sending out a lot of Spam or some such, and so my Shaw Home Account IP range was on a blacklist - what fun! Even better - since my b2evolution blog software came with the DNSBL Antispam blacklisting service, which I enabled, but didn't enable the captcha access - I was locked out of my own blog.

This took a short while to fix ...

The message was something like:

Your IP address is blocked
Your IP address is listed ... (blacklist)

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SMART Disk Monitoring - simple steps

From these instructions

smartctl -i /dev/hdd
smartctl -H /dev/hdd
smartctl -l error /dev/hdd
smartctl -c /dev/hdd
smartctl -t offline /dev/hdd

smartctl -l error /dev/hda
smartctl -t long /dev/hda
smartctl -l selftest /dev/hda
smartctl -t conveyance /dev/hda

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