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I found a couple of links - this one from April 2003 - "MythAlarm Requirements":

Guess a list of requirements was all the person was able to do. Ahh well some good ideas in there anyway.

Also an entry in the trac about adding a clock to any menu:

Now thats not quite what I was looking to build but an interesting idea anyway.

My first attempt at putting the binClock code in didn't have any effect - not surprising from the quick code mashup I performed.

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MythAlarm part 3

Ok, so after getting the MythAlarm stuff all working I tested it - and not much happened. After looking through the code I can see why - there's not much code there to do anything. Really - as in (almost) nothing - I'm not sure what the original poster thought would happen but to test your code it needs to do something.

So, this got me thinking.

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MythAlarm part 2

So in this second part, I needed to add MythAlarm (and MythHelloWorld) to the MythTV main menu:

# nano /usr/share/mythtv/mainmenu.xml

I added these lines near the bottom of the file:

   [lt]text[gt]Hello Myth[lt]/text[gt]
   [lt]action[gt]PLUGIN mythhello[lt]/action[gt]

   [lt]text[gt]Myth Alarm[lt]/text[gt]
   [lt]action[gt]MENU alarm_settings.xml[lt]/action[gt]

Then copy over the alarm-ui.xml and alarm_settings.xml files to where MythTV can find them:

# cp al*.xml /usr/share/mythtv/.

Then fire up MythTV and see if it works ...

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I was looking recently for an Alarm for my MythTV box, but there doesn't seem to be one. I did find some code on a recent posting here:

Downloaded - and had to massage it to use local QT3 instead of the QT4 that's also installed on my Gentoo MythTV box. Would be nice if MythTV could move forward to QT4. Anyway, once it finally compiled right, I found this article:

on building MythTV plugins, and used this as a guide on where to add in the MythAlarm information.

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